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Check Point 1 Question: How many business’ were located on the Slough Trading Estate?

Check Point 2 Question: What colour was the outside of the orginal Crossbow House?

Check Point 3 Question: Where did AP Films move to after Ipswich Road?

Check Point 4 Question: In what year did High Duty Alloys make the Olympic Torch?

Check Point 5 Question: Over 20 different languages are spoken in Slough. True or False?

Check Point 6 Question: UV stands for what?

Check Point 7 Question: Ragus makes which of the following products?

Check Point 8 Question: How many Associates are based at Mars Wrigley Confectionery Slough?

Check Point 9 Question: What colour was the Crossrail train?

Check Point 10 Question: The GT40 car won which iconic race?

Check Point 11 Question: Slough Aspire features several_____ in the main space?

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